ACT Greens welcome Curtin planning decision

Today the ACT Greens welcome the decision of the Planning and Land Authority to reject the development application for a mixed use residential development at the Curtin shopping centre.

Yesterday Ms Le Couteur submitted a petition of some 1,950 signatures from local residents condemning the recently proposed development in the Curtin Group Centre, calling instead for planning decisions to be determined in line with the draft Master Plan and community expectations.

Today the Planning and Land Authority has rejected the Curtin development application, citing concerns related to the size, character and scale of the six story building proposal.

“We welcome the Planning and Land Authority’s decision today to reject the Curtin development application,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“It has been clear for some time that what was submitted in the Curtin shops development application was highly inconsistent with the draft Master Plan,” said Ms Le Couteur.

“Rather than respond to the concerns of local communities, we saw the developers threaten to shut down their business should they not get their way. There is no question that the situation in Curtin has become untenable, as reflected in today’s timely decision.

“Today the ACT Greens strongly encourage Curtin developers to go back to the drawing board, and ensure that any future planning proposals for the Curtin shops reflect the needs and support of the local community, rather than simply lodging an appeal.

“We also look forward to finalisation of the master plan to ensure that local communities receive greater certainty and security in future planning decisions.”

In welcoming the Government’s response, Ms Le Couteur also acknowledges the commitment of local community groups and residents in ensuring their voices were heard.

“Today’s decision is evidence that a committed community, working together, can ensure their voices are heard. As the party of ‘community first’, the ACT Greens are proud to reflect these voices in our community in the Assembly,” Ms Le Couteur added.