ACT Greens: Despite legislation, Government failing to set affordable housing targets

The ACT Greens today warned that the ACT Government was at risk of failing to comply with its own legislation in failing to set affordable housing targets for public, community and affordable housing.

The City Renewal Agency and Suburban Land Authority Act 2017 requires the Government to set targets for affordable, community, and public housing in new suburbs and where the CRA or SLA are involved in urban renewal.

“Thanks to the Greens, affordable housing targets are part of this legislation. The Government is now required to act. It is concerning that this legislative requirement has not been progressed.

“The Greens have raised the lack of set targets in the Assembly in September last year. As yet the Government has been unable to provide an answer as to when they will set affordable housing targets.

“Including affordable housing in urban renewal sites and in new suburbs should be a priority for the City Renewal Authority and the Suburban Land Agency.

“The Government is working on an Affordable Housing Strategy, however setting targets for affordable, community, and public housing can be done independently of this process, and should be actioned as a matter of urgency.

“The setting of housing targets is included in the Labor-Greens Parliamentary Agreement—and we encourage the Labor Party to engage with the Greens and stakeholders to ensure these targets meet the real and growing demand for housing access.

“There’s no silver bullet to fix the housing crisis. That said, the ACT Government must act to urgently increase the supply of affordable rentals and public and community housing.”