Greens look at budgets differently, here’s our take on ACT Budget 2018-19

The Greens look at budgets differently. We don’t ask what the impact is on ourselves personally. We ask what the impact is on sustainability and for fairness. What sort of place we’re leaving for future generations and what impact we’re having on vulnerable community members.

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A sustainable city needs more sustainable housing

Canberra needs housing that everyone can afford; housing that is close to shops, work and schools so we don’t spend hours commuting; and housing that leaves space for trees and the other vegetation that makes Canberra the bush capital. We need housing that doesn’t cost the earth (literally and financially) to build and then run with heating and cooling costs. 


Recent suburban development in Wright (RZ1 Zone). Only three blocks have space for large trees on the block and less than half have room for outdoor play.

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Reversing Woden’s decline requires imagination and ambition

The problems with Woden Town Centre are well known, especially to those who live in the valley. As the first satellite town centre beyond Burley-Griffin’s original plan and separate from the Central Canberra district, it was designed originally in the 1960s and built for a previous era. 


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Billboards not wanted in Canberra

I was bemused to read the chief executive of the Outdoor Media Association Charmaine Moldrich, in her article of 31 October suggest “Canberra's natural beauty cannot and should not restrict its ongoing evolution as Australia's capital.”  Yes, you are right. Welcome to Canberra Ms Molrich, where we love our status as the bush capital and want to keep our natural beauty while continuing our evolution as Australia’s capital and our home.


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Tools to provide affordable housing to all Canberrans are in our hands

As this week is Anti-Poverty Week, it is an important opportunity to highlight how poverty can make it all but impossible to find adequate housing here in Canberra. The latest cost of living report by the ACT Council of Social Services reveals that approximately 10,000 households in the ACT are suffering from housing stress and 1,785 of us are homelessness.

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First citizens’ jury hearings an opportunity to get deliberative democracy right

The ACT’s first-ever citizens’ jury will commence this weekend (14-15 October 2017). These initial jury hearings are an important opportunity to get deliberative democracy right, and to demonstrate the value that deliberative process can deliver to our Canberra community.

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#WecanrunAustralia: A letter to young women, leaders of the future, for International Day of the Girl Child

When I was born there were only 2.6 billion people on Earth. Now, 7.5 billion share our beautiful world.  While it’s a very exciting time to be alive and moving into adult life, there are some changes to the world that have come with this growth, particularly human-induced climate change, for which I on behalf of my generation and previous generations must apologise. 

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Power to the people: Restoring Canberrans’ confidence in democracy

We are living at a time when many people are dissatisfied with our democracy and doubt their ability to influence government. Canberrans often say to me that they don’t have the information they need to understand why decisions are made and they don’t know how, or even whether, their feedback influences the government. As an elected representative, I am committed to bringing community voices to the Assembly and advocating for better ways of involving citizens in government decision-making. 

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Letter to the editor: 36% reduction in plastic bags going to landfill since 2011

The good news about the plastic bag ban in the ACT is that the government’s 2014 review found that plastic bags going to landfill had reduced by 36% since the ban was introduced in November 2011. 

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Protecting intimate privacy, not just sex

The Greens believe that we need to strengthen ACT criminal laws to specifically address the issue of non-consensual sharing of intimate images. That’s why we have released a discussion paper and draft legislation and are inviting community feedback to ensure we are in step with the experiences of Canberrans. We cannot afford to wait and pretend that this is not a problem for the ACT. Only last year, we saw schools in Canberra linked to a ring of students from over 70 high schools around Australia arranging the distribution of pornographic images of hundreds of young women—behind their backs and without their consent. This year, we saw a man take his own life after threats made by a group of young men to share intimate images of him.

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