Protecting intimate privacy, not just sex

The Greens believe that we need to strengthen ACT criminal laws to specifically address the issue of non-consensual sharing of intimate images. That’s why we have released a discussion paper and draft legislation and are inviting community feedback to ensure we are in step with the experiences of Canberrans. We cannot afford to wait and pretend that this is not a problem for the ACT. Only last year, we saw schools in Canberra linked to a ring of students from over 70 high schools around Australia arranging the distribution of pornographic images of hundreds of young women—behind their backs and without their consent. This year, we saw a man take his own life after threats made by a group of young men to share intimate images of him.

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Delivering best-practice community consultation in the ACT

Achieving best practice community consultation in the ACT means we need some evolution and some revolution. We need to improve some existing processes, and we need some bold new thinking. The Greens believe that strong community participation in decision making leads to better outcomes, which is why strengthened community consultation was included in our Parliamentary Agreement with the Labor Party. 

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LDA restructure an unmissable opportunity to secure sustainable and inclusive Canberra

In May, the ACT Legislative Assembly will debate the Government’s legislation to split the Land Development Agency (LDA) into the City Renewal Authority (CRA) and the Suburban Land Agency (SLA). The Greens applaud this move, as it will better enable the government to focus on the very different roles of suburban development compared to infill development in the city and light rail corridor. 

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Putting our community first: Public housing consultations in Murrumbidgee

Dear concerned residents,

Like you, I am appalled at the poor communication and consultation from the Government on the proposed public housing renewal sites in Murrumbidgee.

As your Greens representative, I support public housing which needs to be part of high quality urban planning for all of Canberra. I believe that genuine community consultation is essential to achieving a fair city for all Canberrans.

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Speaking up to protect women: Canberra takes a stand on Wicked Campers

Canberra is continuing to show leadership with a commitment to challenge attitudes that underpin domestic, family and sexual violence against women. It is well known that sexist and misogynist attitudes, such as those casually displayed by Wicked Campers, play a large part in this kind of violence. According to Our Watch, the most consistent predictor for support of violence by men is their agreement with sexist attitudes.

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