ACT Greens call for demonstration housing precincts in Canberra to showcase sustainability and affordability

Greens MLA and planning spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur will today put forward a motion in the Assembly to deliver a community-led vision for ‘showcase’ housing precincts that integrate world-class environmental performance, design and construction quality into future housing options within 3 years.

“As our city grows, the ACT Greens believe—as does the Canberra community—that we should set a high standard for the quality of our homes and our neighbourhoods,” said ACT Greens planning spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur MLA.

The Greens’ community-led vision will look to:

  • deliver showcase housing precincts that promote community-building, and deliver best practice environmental performance, such as carbon neutral buildings and life-cycle impact analysis;
  • ensure our buildings and precincts support sustainable transport patterns, in support of Canberra’s connected and diverse community;
  • create developments that cater for a growing population in need of more affordable and public housing, and a mix of housing for downsizers, families and young people;
  • deliver at least one innovative housing product that is new to the ACT, such as co-housing or long-lease rentals, as well as innovative new housing designs; and
  • deliver improved medium-density infill designs that meet community expectations.

Comments attributable to Greens MLA and planning spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur:

“Our homes and communities are key to our quality of life, and everyone should be able to benefit from good urban design. Showcasing best practice demonstration housing will deliver sustainable housing that caters to the needs of the 21st Century.”

“Canberra has also set an ambitious target of zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest. This is an opportunity for the building sector to contribute to these progressive targets to ensure that we’re protecting our environment and acting to mitigate the potentially devastating effects of climate change.”

“The Greens want to see local industry involved in these precincts, partnerships with industry bodies with expertise and community discussions from the outset. Industry will benefit through a skills-boost, opportunities to test new design and technology standards, and marketing their innovation and expertise both at home and abroad.

“I often hear from our community that they would support infill development - if it were better quality. My motion requires at least one of the showcase precincts to focus specifically on achieving improved medium-density infill, in line with community expectations.”

The motion will be debated in the Assembly on Wednesday.