Government answers Greens’ call for inclusion of religious organisations in Reportable Conduct Scheme

The ACT Greens today welcome news that the ACT Government will expand and strengthen its Reportable Conduct Scheme to include religious and other organisations, answering the Greens’ calls in March this year for a more robust scheme. 

“The exclusion of religious institutions from the scheme—institutions with the most sustained track record of systemic failings—means that we have not been providing the best possible protection to our most vulnerable community members,” said Caroline Le Couteur, ACT Greens Spokesperson for Community Services and Social Inclusion.

“The Greens believe that the Reportable Conduct Scheme must offer robust protections from institutionalised abuse to our most vulnerable community members and welcome the inclusion of religious organisations in an expanded scheme.

“We welcome the Government’s move to consult the community on expansion of the scheme, including on which other overlooked organisations such as sporting groups, scouts and tutoring services should fall under the scheme.

“While the inclusion of religious and other organisations that deal with children goes some way to closing gaps in the scheme, the ACT Greens would also like to see it cover vulnerable adults. I am concerned that vulnerable adults, such as people with disabilities or people suffering mental illness, are not currently covered by the scope of the Scheme’s protections,” Ms Le Couteur added.

Ms Le Couteur is encouraging interested members of the community to engage with the ACT Government’s Discussion Paper on extending the scope of the Reportable Conduct Scheme, which can be found here