Le Couteur calls for the finalisation of the Master Plan before Curtin development

Today Ms Le Couteur has reiterated the Greens’ calls for the 2015 draft Curtin Master Plan to be finalised, before any new developments are approved.

“The whole point of developing master plans in consultation with the community is to ensure that the voices of residents, businesses and Canberrans who work and live in the area are heard in future decisions. 

“The draft Master Plan does not belong in the bottom drawer of someone’s desk. The ACT Government should finalise the Master Plan as soon as possible and consequently update the precinct codes in the Territory Plan which governs building heights in the area.

“The draft Master Plan was produced after consultation and discussion with the Curtin community during 2015, and they deserve to see their master plan become a reality before any serious decisions are made.

“It would be unforgivable for the ACT Government to seek the input and feedback of the community, to then only ignore it.

“In the 2008 Parliamentary Agreement, the Greens secured a series of Master Plan processes to make sure that the community has a genuine say in decisions that will affect them and their neighbourhoods. 

“The Greens believe that Canberrans should have a say in what the future of their suburbs and city looks like, and we will continue to campaign for the draft Curtin Master Plan to be finalised, and for genuine community engagement in planning decisions,” said Ms Le Couteur.