Red Hill Nature Reserve: Community makes a stand against ‘inappropriate development’

The ACT Greens have today tabled two petitions totalling some 3,112 signatures opposing inappropriate development in areas adjacent to the Red Hill Nature Reserve—the largest petition of this term of the Assembly.

Together the petitions respond to two proposed developments: a redevelopment proposal for a retirement village at the Federal Golf Course, and a rezoning at the telephone exchange at Section 66/Kent Street in Deakin. The sites are both on the south side of Red Hill and back on to the Red Hill Nature Reserve.

“I’m very pleased to table this contribution from more than 3,000 residents, who have shown they don’t want inappropriate development in Canberra,” Greens Planning Spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur MLA said.

“Clearly, much of the local community feels that they are being side-stepped in the consultation process.”

In line with the motion passed in the Assembly in October, Ms Le Couteur today again reaffirmed that the Government needs to deliver an integrated plan in the area.

“An integrated plan must guarantee protection of the nature reserve, and ensure that the impacts of the redevelopments on traffic and local amenity are closely considered before any rezoning or development takes place,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“The Federal Golf Course proposal has failed some eight times. Proposals of this type need to be developed together with community if they are to succeed – perhaps the Yarralumla Brickworks proposal is an example of how this can work better.

“The Assembly has voted to ensure that development does not proceed on either site until there is an integrated plan that protects the nature reserve and its unique biodiversity, and resolves local traffic and amenity impacts,” Ms Le Couteur added.

The petition reads:

Please save Red Hill—Say No to Inappropriate Development

“To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory

We the undersigned residents of the Australian Capital Territory urge the Assembly to call on the ACT Government to:

  • protect the iconic Red Hill natural environment;
  • retain existing green space in Hughes, Deakin and Garran; and
  • ensure that the integrated plan for Red Hill, which has been called for by the Assembly, genuinely protects the Red Hill Nature Reserve and the Federal Golf Course lease area, together with the adjacent open space blocks of land and Section 66 Deakin (Kent Street).”