Sustainable density in the Territory

The Greens support a denser, more connected Canberra. Sustainable higher density means building developments that are designed with people and community in mind.

  • The Greens are concerned about retaining public green spaces for the community, especially for people who live in higher density areas.
  • We’re also strong supporters of community involvement in government decision making processes.

That’s why Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur, your voice in Murrumbidgee, has sponsored a petition from concerned community members about a proposed development for Arabanoo Park (Woden Town Park) and surrounds.

Developers are hoping to build a 25 storey building in an area that’s currently home to three storey buildings.

If it goes ahead in its current form, this development will overshadow existing homes and parks, increase traffic into surrounding streets, and leave this section of Phillip feeling dark, isolated and unsafe.

Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition to preserve all of Arabanoo Park's existing open green space (Easty Street, Phillip) and reduce building heights for N12 and N10 sites.

As a former resident of Easty Street, Caroline knows all too well how important it is to ensure that this development does not go ahead in its current form.

It doesn’t need to be this way. We can realise sustainable development in Phillip.

One option would be to see this proposal move to the south, opposite Sky Plaza, where Hindmarsh Drive—rather than nearby homes—would be overshadowed.

The development should also be redesigned to make a positive contribution to the town centre.  If the building faced more to the north side it would better link to the bus interchange, the proposed light rail station, Woden Town Park and other green spaces—without impacting on the existing shared path and established trees.

Rezoning Arabanoo Park

The Greens strongly support community facilities—and strongly support parks and green space.

But it doesn’t need to be an either/or.

The Greens share the community’s concerns about the Government’s plans to rezone Arabanoo Park from urban open space to a community facility.

There is plenty of space in Woden and surrounds for more community facilities without giving up Arabanoo Park—an important east-west green space linking Woden Town Centre to Eddison Park and the cemetery for the people of Murrumbidgee to enjoy.

The Assembly’s Planning Committee (which Caroline chairs) recently recommended that Arabanoo Park should not be rezoned for development.

Make your voice heard

Sign the petition today and make your voice heard.

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