Trees are an investment in Canberra’s future.

Without enough trees, Canberra’s way of life is at serious risk.

That’s why planting enough trees now is an investment in the future of our city.

At a time of climate emergency, trees are even important. The climate is warming—summers are getting hotter—and heatwaves are happening more often, and are hotter, for longer.

Yet street and park trees in our established suburbs are declining by around 3,000 a year, and the Government’s replanting program isn’t meeting the mark.

Worse, the last report on this issue, from 7 years ago, showed that our streets and parks need 40,000 trees to fill gaps where trees are missing and to replace dead and dying trees.

Older suburbs are losing their tree canopies as bigger houses replace modest older homes on bigger blocks. Elsewhere, newer suburbs are being built without room for deep rooted shade trees.

Canberra’s urban trees are loved by the Canberra community. They provide shade to keep our suburbs cool in summer and are important for native birds and animals.

What are the Greens doing to protect trees?

That’s why the Greens are calling on the ACT Government to plant an extra 7,000 trees a year to reverse the decline, and begin restoring the city’s tree canopy.

In late 2017, I introduced a motion in the Assembly setting out a clear action plan to ensure that the Government’s targets are met and our canopy cover increases as our climate warms. In a major win, this was passed and the Government will now have to increase our tree cover. You can watch my motion here.

In a recent submission to the ‘Housing Choices’ Inquiry, the Greens also called for the protection of room for trees and gardens.

Petition tabled

With the number of trees in Canberra on the decline, the Greens tabled a community petition of some 1,482 signatures calling for the planting of more than 7,000 trees a year in the ‘Bush Capital’ in March 2019. We expect the Government to respond to this petition in coming months.

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