Wetlands and waterways

The ACT Greens have been working for a long time to ensure urban wetlands are integrated into our city’s development. The hugely successful urban wetlands in Lyneham and Dickson are a direct result of our first Parliamentary Agreement in 2008.

In the years since they were constructed they have become much-loved community assets that enhance the amenity of our neighbourhoods, improve water quality, and create a haven for wildlife.

Thanks to the Greens, many more initiatives to improve our degraded waterways around our city are underway.

In 2010, the Greens initiated an inquiry into the health of ACT lakes, which recommended actions to improve water quality such as more urban wetlands.

We then put forward the idea of seeking federal funding though the Murray Darling Basin Project. It was a key Greens election commitment in 2012.

The Greens negotiated for the ACT Government to commit to seeking federal funding, and in 2013, $85 million of federal Basin Priority funding was successfully secured. A further $8.5 million of ACT funds was committed.

That’s $93.5 million the Greens have delivered for on-ground projects to improve water quality in our city. 

Cleaning up our lakes and waterways—including Lake Tuggeranong and Lake Burley Griffin, and all the creeks leading into them—has been a long-term priority for the Greens.

Under the ACT Healthy Waterways program, up to 25 projects (including in lake research) have been identified across six priority catchments:

  • established catchment of Lake Tuggeranong
  • established catchment of Yarralumla Creek
  • developing catchment of Upper Molonglo
  • developing catchment of Lower Molonglo
  • developing catchment of West Belconnen
  • industrialised Fyshwick catchment

It will take some time to turn the health of our waterways around and restore them into the urban oases they should be—but this wouldn’t be happening at all if not for the Greens.