Objection to the Wright KFC Proposal

The Relevant Officer

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Dear Sir/Madam

da201834968; Block 1, Section 38, Wright


I write to object to this Development Application, and to support the objections of the many residents of Wright and Coombs who are concerned about the impact that this development would have on their neighbourhood.

The proposal for a KFC restaurant on this site should be rejected.  It is not a suitable proposal for the site and can therefore be rejected under section 120 (b) of the Planning and Development Act.  It is also inconsistent with the objectives of the Mixed Use Zone (Objectives c, f, g and h).

This proposal has the following major problems, which will have a significant impact on the local community:

  • It is on a quiet residential street (Gornall Street) with homes to be built opposite and will affect local residents with traffic, noise, light and odour
  • The proposal will impact on the attractiveness of the whole area, including the park and nearby homes
  • The design is very bad for active travel
  • Fast food is bad for health and this location will encourage children using the park to eat fast food

Odour, traffic and noise

The restaurant will be located very close to current and planned homes on Gornall Street.  Residents of these homes would be severely affected by:

  • Late-night and early morning noise from passing cars, car doors and restaurant machinery. This will have a particularly-bad impact because the car park is to be located on the Gornall Street-side of the site
  • Bright lights shining into bedrooms from both signage and car park lighting. Commercial lighting is usually much brighter than residential lighting, and is not suitable for this area
  • The grease odour that KFC restaurants emit, which many people find stomach-churning

Impact on the attractiveness of the area

The design and location of the proposal mean a big visual impact on the whole neighbourhood.  Instead of having an attractive residential feeling, the park and surrounding homes will be faced with a car park and drive-through.  Putting these parts of the development on the street-facing sides of the development is particularly objectionable – the design puts its ugliest areas right where they will have the biggest visual impact on the neighbourhood.

Bad for walking and cycling

The design is very bad for walking and cycling, and is clearly not in line with Mixed Use Zone objectives F and G, which call for promoting active living and providing a high quality public realm.  Putting the car park and drive through on the street-front sides of the restaurant means there is no active shopfront facing onto the street.  There is also no way for people walking to get safely to the front door of the restaurant.

Health impacts

There is a large body of health research that links fast food consumption to obesity and related health problems.  Fast food should only be eaten occasionally as part of a balanced diet.  Putting a KFC directly opposite a park will encourage children and teenagers to eat fast food at unhealthy levels.

Thank you for considering my objection, and those of concerned local residents.  I urge you to listen to the local community and reject this proposal.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Le Couteur MLA

ACT Greens Member for Murrumbidgee

ACT Greens Spokesperson for Planning, Transport, City Services, Housing, Arts, Animal Welfare, Community Services, Women, Seniors and Social Inclusion